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SIASAT Journal is  an international journal of religion, social, cultural and political studies using a peer-reviewed process  published in January, April, July and October by BIRCU Publisher in association with The Indonesian Islamic Studies and International Relations Association (Insiera) , Himpunan Indonesia untuk Pengembangan Ilmu-Ilmu Sosial (HIPIIS- Indonesian Association for the Development of Social Sciences) and Asosiasi Dosen Ilmu-ilmu Adab (ADIA-Association of Humanities Lectures). SIASAT Journal of Religion, Social, Cultural and Political Studies welcomes articles in politics, global issues, culture, social and other related areas published both online and printed version.





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Vol. 9 No. 2 (2024): Siasat Journal, April

Published: 2024-04-04

Chaplaincy and the Prison Situation in Madagascar: The Case of Ambatondrazaka Prison - Women's Section

Andrianohavy Veloarisoa Faraniaina, Robijaona Rahelivololoniaina Baholy


Human Resources: Key Communicators for Career Development

Raminovololona Ny Andry Zo, Robijaona Rahelivololoniaina Baholy


Sociological Analysis of the Mob Justice Phenomenon in Cases of Cattle Theft in the District of South Amboasary, Anosy Region, Madagascar

Tsimiondreke Mahasoa, Etienne Stefano Raherimalala, Ranjatson Jean Patrick, Andrianjary Myriam, Fidelio Arnold Ulrich, Ratiarimananjatovo Narindra, Robijaona Rahelivololoniaina Baholy


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