Chaplaincy and the Prison Situation in Madagascar: The Case of Ambatondrazaka Prison - Women's Section

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Andrianohavy Veloarisoa Faraniaina
Robijaona Rahelivololoniaina Baholy


The present discourse emerges as the fruit, or rather the positive repercussions, of the evangelical mission preached by the Protestant Church within the confines of a carceral environment in Madagascar (Case study: Ambatondrazaka prison) – facilitated through the FJKM (Fiangonan’I Jesoa Kristy eto Madagasikara or Jesus Christ Church in Madagascar) Chaplaincy. Throughout the visitation sessions, the enhancement of the well-being of detainees and convicts alike was deemed paramount, encompassing provisions of sustenance, vocational training, hygienic and dietetic diet (HDD) and rehabilitation programs. On the spiritual front, counseling sessions and worship gatherings served as pathways towards peace and the assurance of eternal life in Jesus Christ, even amidst the confines of incarceration. Furthermore, it stands as a clarion call to those in positions of authority to revisit, without exception, the tenets of social justice concerning both the incarcerated and the free individual. The visitations undertaken by the Chaplaincy and faithful Christians within carceral settings transcend the physical barriers of the church's four walls, eloquently echoing the injunction of Matthew 25:36, "I was in prison, and you came to visit me.”


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Andrianohavy Veloarisoa Faraniaina, & Robijaona Rahelivololoniaina Baholy. (2024). Chaplaincy and the Prison Situation in Madagascar: The Case of Ambatondrazaka Prison - Women’s Section. SIASAT, 9(2), 72-79.